Drone Tactics Characters Yamato

Yamato is the hero of the game, and despite always being put on ends with being the blissfully unaware side of the unresolved feelings between him and Tsubasa, and arguing repeatedly with Shoya, he is very mature, very accepting, and also very smart, and this side of him is shown easily very early in the game.

He and Yui are frequently referenced as 'knowing when someone isn't lying'. and he will constantly reach his hand out, to who the rest of the group percieves as enemies to knock down on their path, believing everyone has their reasons for doing bad things. Out of all the characters, Yamato's heart is the purest and he has the most love for bugs, of all kinds. Where the rest of the group will react to the Four Generals' drones with revulsion, Yamato is not offended by them, but does take it as reassurance that the Black Swarm are bad.

Later in the game, he adopts the word 'ya' as 'you', despite never doing that through a large bulk of the game.

His drone is K-Buto, a rhinoceros beetle drone. K-Buto is the most simple reference, it is a japanese word which means beetle, most often horned, as is the rhinoceros beetle. Besides the centipede and scorpion, the rhinoceros beetle is the most powerful drone in the game.