Waterbug are one of the two stronger soldier drones. Although waterbugs aren't nearly as powerful as normal drones, and have weak weapons, they have semi-good melee attack accuracy. They are normally seen protecting patches of marsh and the drones inside that area.


Drone Tactics Unit Waterbug WATERBUG "Good guns & resists poison"
tread, MOV 4. MA 100. melee-dominant ground unit. is unaffected by marsh.
weapons: Drone Tactics icon MLE Waterbug Shear (MP+050), Drone Tactics icon MLE Waterbug Claw (MP+080)

LV2 270 32 10 34 46 94 102
LV16 410 60 10 62 88 122 116
LV30 550 88 10 90 130 150 130
Level up 10 2 0 2 3 2 1

Waterbugs are the strongest in defenses, but have very weak attack power compared to other drones. In the endgame, the waterbug becomes the least threatening drone despite most probably being intended to be the most powerful. Even mosquitos are more threatening because they can fly to areas where fragile flying units are otherwise unprotected and striders can hurt a little with their cannons.