.... yeah, I'm never going to be able to use templates, am I? I like simple HTML, but the wiki for wiki code acts like you know everything already before you attempt something. How do you make a script? The templates act like they are scripts. and yet putting script into them does nothing. I don't know how Vlax even made a background for this wikia, I see no buttons for anything like that. I'm sure I could make show/hide buttons in simple html, but it keeps mentioning javascript, and templates, and... Man it's confusing.

I finished the equipment page, and despite that I wasn't doing much work, I was having fun coloring the text for two days, it was simple and easy. Now I'm fighting the subordinate unit on my hard mode game and getting beaten up 6-7 times per mission, and trying to make show/hide buttons and it's overly complicated, I have several categories on each mission page, ...

I think I'm going to make a missions strategy page. I don't know how to delete pages, but I'll try to delete the "Mission 5 Hard" page. I did it quickly without thinking because I've noticed there is traffic to the chapter 1 page. Look at that page, you can't tell what I'm saying with half the things I say. It's easy to forget how badly I word things initially and have to keep going back over and over to edit. That is one thing about me that will never ever change, no matter how much I try. Oy. Makes things tough.

I still have the Crests and Badlands pages on standby... But it's so fun doing the levels on Hard Mode now because it's so crazy. I have Badlands 21-30 to fill in, despite the fact that I have 31-36 and 40-43. But once I'm done that, I'll be able to make the "Badlands 1-29" page. Then I'll have to edit the all mentions of the Badlands to link to either Badlands 1-29 or Badlands 30-60.

I've also been taking pictures of the missions. Been thinking of uploading them as another category on each mission page, but.. I think it's better to let players play their own games rather than see the highlights. I'm good at taking pictures, but not good enough to make avatars and text to look dynamic and interesting. Should probably upload the mess of avatar sprites I have, though. I have two poses full body for each of the main characters.

Just talking out loud here, but I never realised Shoya was a main character with Tsubasa and Yamato. Very strange. Hell, even Tsubasa and Yamato are such minor characters that I only included Tsubasa because she comes up in the Badlands victories with Y-Ite sometimes. Stands to reason they don't include Yui and Shoya too only because of a pretty legitimate reason.

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