Wrote up this article, but I am entirely convinced that it belongs on the general wikia rather than in a blog post. If I quit doing this, it'll provide a guide of how to continue where I left off.

It's been quite a long journey, I'm about 11 days into writing the wikia, and I'm doing a lot of work every day. So this doesn't really make me feel bad when I create incomplete information or am in between formattings. This is my first and probably only wikia I'm helping shape, and it's more or less a resource for me as I play the game. Learning how to do the various things with html is actually really fun.

I'm halfway through the Equipment page, and that's without color formatting. Oy. I also need to copy the entire Hangar after every mission soon. Not looking forward to that. Why didn't Kanzaki do that?

I uploaded the playlist for Drone Tactics, hopefully no one goes and reports it, because that would be ridiculous anyway because there's no official soundtrack buyable anywhere. As nice as it is opening my DS emulator and just sitting and listening on headphones, I still appreciate the lower-quality Youtube songs.

Also admitted how clumsily and social I word things. Whatever traffic is coming here is going to see that and I'm already quite embarassed. But that's why I wrote it, because it's something I have to do, and I'm going to. Fix the wording, I mean.

I'm honestly kind of scared to move on in my main file. I don't want the game to end. But then, I do have the Wikia file. ... you know, it sucks, because I specifically made two save files for when I beat the third mission and when I was still on the third mission, because I wanted to see the stats of Yui and Shoya. Merely two turns later, the rhino beetle is supposed to show up. and instead, I just quit the game and overwrote the file. Overwrote, so it's not even in my recycle bin.

Should re-update the reminders to include the more recent findings. Like the mouseover I just had for the equipment.

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