Will the Hard Mode start being hard again? When I creamed 3 out of 4 of the most powerful generals in the chapter where it is canon that you run away scared for your life, in the first turn they showed up, I kind of started noticing it was getting a little easier... Now, the no-levelling Hard Mode chapters aren't even difficult, I've made 3 straight chapterswithout need for a complicated strategy, the same will probably go for Chapter 18.

The main page looks weird what with the "18e a|b ae|be" things all over it, and the chapters being white instead of red. I wish I wouldn't have made the chapters before, because it's going to be just as difficult as making the rest of the chapters without the information, and with needing to double-check all info. I only recently started to check the levels of every unit no matter what I think, and evidence of not doing that is as late as Chapter 12. and that's just on the stuff I've proved. Another thing is that I've proven the incredibly difficult fireflies are not a product of Hard Mode, and who knows if Side Armor 3/Beam Bumper Hydel is as well, probably not.

I've been thinking about just playing the game all over again on Easy Mode just to double-check everything, with an infinite-first-turn-K-Buto with all Twin Lancers like I did in Chapter 13. I also have to check when the drones started using cards, because now it's a regular occurence, and check how many cards each enemy has, which means I most definitely need even more drones with all Twin Lancers, and some drones who can deal lesser damage to coax out the healing cards.

I'm still struggling with the social wording over encyclopaedic wording. Look at the Transformers wiki, information is awesome when it's doled out through social wording. Wikis have an aversion to giving actually useful opinionated information. I've checked boards, everyone says the mantis is the weakest character, with the cicada never used either. Everyone says the locust is useless, though, and I find the locust incredibly useful. As soon as he gets the Antenna 3, he has a higher attack power than the rhino beetle. But that's what you get for playing no-levelling Hard Mode. All your units at level 12 in chapters they're fighting outnumbered against level 15. Every level for K-Buto equals two levels for Hopp-R, which isn't that bad when all his stats are so weak. The point is, what am I right about and what am I wrong about, and should I be doing it in the first place? I honestly think so.

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