I've been playing other games lately, and I really have filled out this dang wiki a lot with a lot of info. I've been getting tired of it, but I've discovered this new thing called willpower? It actually works when you do it right, and I didn't know that! Been doing it wrong my entire life. So maybe I'll stay until this gets done. or maybe I'll just update the wording every now and then until what's already on the wiki is respectable and proper, pip pip ho! I'm not sure, but whatever happens, I will be damn proud of my efforts. I've played every part of the game over 5 times in the span of 2 months. Come on!

By the way, not updating the wiki today wasn't actually my fault, the internet was disconnected for half the day and I almost lost my 53/60 day Dedicated badge. That would've sucked. Every time thing said "1 day ago", so that must mean I was on the 23rd hour of the day... Talk about a close call.

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