The strider is one of the two stronger soldier drones. Although striders aren't nearly as powerful as normal drones, and aren't equipped with powerful cannons, they have good cannon stat.


Drone Tactics Unit Strider STRIDER "Good guns & resists poison"
legs, MOV 4. MA 080. cannon-dominant ground unit. is not damaged by marsh.
weapons: Drone Tactics icon MLEStrider Spike (MP+050), Drone Tactics icon MLE Strider Blades (MP+060)

LV2 200 24 3 32 22 92 132
LV16 340 52 3 60 50 120 160
LV30 480 80 3 88 78 148 188
Level up 10 2 0 2 2 2 2

Striders are little threat, as they have no true special ability which makes them effective at attacking nor defending, as all normal units do, and the AI doesn't protect striders. Furthermore, the AI gets confused when it has a weapon and will attack with it if an enemy is standing adjacent to them, even if they will do 0 damage and be one-hit-killed. Actually, ants are more threat than these, despite the fact they have somewhat normal stats, a cockroach's cannon accuracy.