Drone Tactics Characters Raphael
Raphael is the center-most minor character besides Yui, and the center-most member of the Black Swarm's three subordinate units. Although his own subordinate unit is the first met, and the first to acknowledge that Yamato and the resistance are the good-guys and they are on the wrong side, it is because of Raphael's loyalty that they stay until Chapter 10, two fifths the way through the game.

He is characterized as very normal like many characters, and the only standout characteristic is his acceptance and loyalty to established roles. At one point in the game, it comes out that Raphael enjoyed calling Elisha "Mistress", much to his humiliation.

He pilots a praying mantis drone named D-Scythe. He talks with Yamato about how a praying mantis is a ruthless and devastating killer, but ironically, the mantis is one of the least-capable drones in attack range and counter-attacking, and his drone is the weakest non-soldier drone in the game.