Drone Tactics Characters Minoru

Minoru is the first subordinate of the second subordinate group, and subsequently he is subordinate to the second of the Four Generals, that the player meets. He joins in the second mission he's seen in, as the first group of two to join, as well as he is the second secondary (as in unimportant) character to Yui's first, bringing in a second character with him, Akane. Although he is younger, and Akane clearly takes care of him, he has, both, a closer bond to Hydel, and is the central character of his subordinate unit. He is very timid and is entirely characterized by his dependancy on Hydel and his shot nerves and low self-esteem. Both him and Yui are very alike. Minoru doesn't get much dialogue, and isn't important in any of the chapters following the mere two he stars in, and in fact gets much less lines after joining than Akane. His drone, however, is one of the two most powerful cannoneers.

His drone is a ladybug named Sev-N, as in seven spots on a ladybug. You can tell a ladybug's age by how many spots it has on its back. This may be a subtle way of the developers secretly stating Yui and Minoru's age. Minoru appears in Chapter 7, at level 7, and the maximum spots the devleopers could put on the small ladybug drone is seven. If that "777" weren't enough, the final ladybug card is "Ladybug Luck". It may also be a reference to what the developers intend to be his 'final weapon', a FCS Mach 3 and Catapult 3, ending in 2~7RNG and the most damaging cannon. These all add up to seven references to seven (chapter, level, age, 777, max spots, card, catapult).