Maps come in four sizes; small, medium-small, medium-large, and large. The medium maps are all fairly small, compared to the large one which takes up easily x12 screens in total map size, leaving it near-impossible to truly comprehend all of the details of the map from the DS screen.
Drone Tactics Grid Example

The individual squares are not exact; many squares may look like mixes of two different terrain types, most notably Chapter 16 for having grass mixed with wall, giving the illusion a drone can stand on that square.

Drone Tactics Grid Pad Comparison
Square Pylons
Further, the placement of the squares are not exact either. The units stage while browsing chapters and Badlands is crooked, some units are placed differently on squares than others (easily glanced by looking at the flying units' shadows compared to each other), and even exact-square panels such as the warp and repair pads are mismatched to each other. This is because all of the map details (such as fields of grass, and lengths of steel) were hand-drawn and then cut out and placed composite into each map, and hand-blended to each other. The trees and rocks are more procedural, whereas grass and soil were drawn as huge spans of just their type of terrain (which, again, were cut out and blended). This process must've taken a lot of effort and time, but appears brilliantly and strikingly, making each map beautiful and diverse.

Drone Tactics Unit ButterflyDrone Tactics Unit BeeDrone Tactics Unit DragonflyDrone Tactics Unit MothDrone Tactics Unit Mosquito

Drone Tactics Grid Small
Small, 18x18sq, 480x240px. Fits in just over 2 screens long.

Drone Tactics Grid Medium-Small
Medium-Small, 24x24sq, 624x312px. Fits in under 3x2 screens long.

Drone Tactics Grid Medium
Medium-Large, 28sqx28sq, 720x360px. Fits in far under 4x3 screens long.

Drone Tactics Grid Large
Large. 38x38sq, 960x480px. Fits in 4x3 screens long full.