Firefly 3D Model

Official art of the Firefly

Fireflies are common trap drones, specialized in beam-element cannons. While enemy drones are always equipped with an FCS, none of which are buildable or obtainable in the Story Chapters, let alone pre-Endgame Badlands, and most allied drones do not have the movement range or cannon range to reach these enemies. By comparison, the player's firefly is fairly weak, and is missing during the most crucially difficult part of the game.


Hicar-E is the drone controlled by Yui, first joining the player's side as an ally force in Chapter 3, then leaving at Chapter 11, rejoining as an ally force along with Jet-I in Chapter 19. It's name is a pun on the Japanese name "Hikari", meaning light; referring to it's signature cannon weapon, the Aura Beam.


Drone Tactics Unit FireflyFIREFLY "Good cannons, low DEF & HP"
wings, MOV 4. MA 70. cannon-dominant air unit. equips beam-type cannon.
weapons: Drone Tactics icon CANAura Beam (CP+150B RNG3~5 SPD+20)

LV2 180 22 32 42 16 132 181
LV16 250 50 60 70 30 160 195
LV30 320 78 88 98 44 188 209
Level Up 5 2 2 2 1 2 1

The firefly is an easily-favoured drone, with beam-element cannons. Beam element is unobtainable as an option for arguably the entire span of the Story Chapters, or at least two thirds of the game, making the firefly a very special drone. Fireflies are weak and can be one-hit-killed by any attack later in the game, but are very dangerous against high-defense units. Fireflies are good with guns, especially early in the game.


Aura CannonsEdit

Drone Tactics icon CAN Aura Beam (CP+90B RNG3~5)
default, unbuildable
Drone Tactics icon CAN Aura Beam 2 (CP+120B RNG3~5)
Chapter 10; Chapter 15-24 (build: 900t)
Drone Tactics icon CAN Aura Beam 3 (CP+150B RNG3~5 SPD+20)
Bonus Stage, Badlands 57

Melee WeaponsEdit

Drills (Quadra-Drill and Dozers)
Fangs and War Blades (Scrap Fang)
Badlands Weapons

Boosters (Melee Slot)Edit

Antennas, Stabilizers, and FCS'
Gun Boosters
Overdrives and Thorax Armors (Thorax Armor 3)
Power Armors and Converters (Power Armor 3)


Vulcans and Machine
Anti-Air Systems
Blast Guns

Boosters (Gun Slot)Edit

Balancers and Radar Wings
Side Armors and Accelerators
Auto-Repairs and Hybrid Armor
Badlands Gun-Slot Boosters


Howitzers and Twin Cannons
Mega Cannons and Missiles
Badlands Cannons

Boosters (Cannon Slot)Edit

Megamotors and Radars
Energy Tanks
Badlands Cannon-Slot Boosters


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