Drone Tactics Characters Elisha

Mostly known as the annoying and clearly evil kid of the Four Generals. She appears as often in the first part of the game as Hydel, and is the first general we are introduced to. She is always itching for a fight and for having fun, getting bored easily.

Most probably, she is the only general who was not brought into Cimexus specifically by Dr. Gidoh, and instead, was one of the kids brought to Cimexus to save it, meaning that Kris-T is actually a warrior bug like K-Buto and Y-Ite, made to do Elisha's bidding. Although, it is more likely that another drone, maybe a butterfly, called her to Cimexus, and then joined the Black Swarm and took Kris-T from their ranks. Realistically, she most probably doesn't understand the consequences of what she is doing, thinking Cimexus is a game, and has been spoiled in a wealthy family. The game also suffers from the idea that Cimexus is somehow much less important than Earth, and all characters, even the good guys, fully believe this without their morality coming into question.

She only likes things which she dubs as 'fun', and is bored of and uncaring for all things which aren't. This includes morals, and yet also includes the prospect of not doing bad things which aren't fun or impressive, as much as the prospect of doing good things which are fun and impressive.

Her drone is a moth drone named Kris-T. Barring Hopp-R, this is one of the most simple and self-explanitory drone names. Kristy may be a cherished plush animal she has at home.