The Cicada is used by Gonbei, recruited halfway through the game. The cicada is a high-use low-power gun unit with the highest mobility, capable of tracking down enemy flying units and killing them fast. They are one of only two units who are specifically intended to ignore melee power.


Drone Tactics Unit CicadaCICADA "Anti-air gun unit"
wings, mov 6. macc 080. gun-dominant air unit. gun overrides to anti-air.
weapons: no unique, synonymous with machine guns.

LV2 208 37 5 213 21 123 101
LV16 320 65 5 60 35 165 115
LV30 432 93 5 102 49 207 129
Level Up 8 2 0 3 1 3 1

The cicada is a fickle unit. The cicada is a unit which benefits from high mobility, flying, guns-use, and anti- weapons. The game thinks air units are worse threat than they are, and as such, the cicada's stats suffer greatly from being crushed between both being anti-air unit and being an air unit itself.

While the cicada is definitely the most dangerous drone for a specific kind of unit, and cicadas as enemies should certainly scare players (mostly because they actually equip boosters), cicadas are entirely intended to attack low-defense air units. If the flying unit is equipped with at least a 150 defense and decent HP, that is enough, and due to the low defenses the cicada has (has 15 natural defenses higher than normal, but this is almost entirely meaningless), it will then be right in the open to be one-hit-killed. and despite the anti- systems, units are still units with unit AI, and flying gun-dominant enemies will always attack a ground unit in range even if it has anti-air guns.