Drone Tactics Chapter 18a
After heading discovering Dr. Gidoh's world, the player is faced with a choice: go through the mountains (a), or drive through the lakeside (b). Neither choice is said to be tougher or easier. In Hard Mode, the mountains have more enemies and a harder-looking but easier-solved firefly trap. The chapter has more rewards, but is easier only as a result of an easier firefly trap. While the lakeside has three fireflies widely-spread across the map, capsules which are more difficult to reach, and less enemies and less rewards
Drone Tactics Chapter 18b
. Both recieve 4 Butterlfy Kiss and Beetle Horn cards. The mountains (a) give 116t more, 334 exp more, +50 more bonus exp, 2 Grass Hopping cards, 2 Mantis Touch cards, 2 Bagworm Shell cards, and 1 more Bee's Revenge card. While choosing the lakeside rewards much less exp and scrap ore, 2 more Flitter Dance cards, and 3 Moth Wing cards, and miss out on the small wealth of useful cards.

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