Centipede 3D Model
The centipede drone is an extremely high-functioning flying-mimicking anti-air drone. It is one of only two drones which have extremely unbalanced stats, with most stats exceeding normal, and some breaking the limits entirely. Its guns specifically are of the same strength as melee drones, and althrough they are less battle-useful than the counter-attackable melee weapons, every attack is usually is devastating. It has gamebreaking high tread mobility, and has the highest barrier stat and stat growth in the game. It is piloted by the exceptional Jegard.


CNTPEDE "Anti-air gun unit"
tread, mov 5. macc 100. Gun-'versatile' tread unit. guns become anti-air, stats exceed normal balance.

LV2 245 24 11 33 33 164 101
LV16 455 52 95 75 75 220 115
LV30 665 80 179 117 117 276 129
Level up 15 2 6 3 3 4 1

The centipede is a beam-defending, flying unit -mimicking, versatile, incredibly powerful gun unit. His high tread movement does break the game's common use of mobility, but he has very bad defenses and requires 3 MOV to get onto rock and bases. Like other versatiles, his melee gear has special abilities, which can give him a very slight defense boost or even more movement, but has the benefit of being able to equip most melee slot weapons and boosters. His potential melee power is very high for a gun drone, and is the highest versatile stat. It should be noted that, like a flying drone, he has the ability to hide in difficult terrain, protecting himself from enemies using his low defenses to their advantage. In the endgame, the centipede should be treated as a hit-and-run drone like the locust.

Equippable WeaponsEdit

Centipede FangEdit

Drone Tactics icon MLE Crescent Fang (MP+50)
default, unbuildable

Drone Tactics icon MLE Spiked Fang (MP+80 DEF+10 SPD+10)
Chapter 25 (build: 180t)

Drone Tactics icon MLE Shark Fang (MP+80 MOV+1)
Chapter 25 (build: 200t)

Centipede CannonsEdit

Drone Tactics icon GUN Side Cannon (GP+120(A))
default; Chapter 25 (build: 220t)

Drone Tactics icon GUN Side Cannon 2 (GP+160(A))
Badlands 42 (capsule)

Drone Tactics icon GUN Beam Cannon (GP+150B(A))
Badlands 59 (capsule)

Melee WeaponsEdit

Drills and Dozers (Quadra-Drill)
Fangs and War Blades
Badlands Weapons

Boosters (Melee Slot)Edit

Antennas, Stabilizers, and FCS'
Gun Boosters
Overdrives and Thorax Armors
Power Armors and Converters


Vulcans and Machine
Anti-Air Systems
Blast Guns

Boosters (Gun Slot)Edit

Balancers and Radar Wings
Side Armors and Accelerators
Auto-Repairs and Hybrid Armor
Badlands Gun-Slot Boosters


Howitzers and Twin Cannons
Mega Cannons and Missiles
Badlands Cannons

Boosters (Cannon Slot)Edit

Megamotors and Radars
Energy Tanks
Badlands Cannon-Slot Boosters

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