The cast of characters is diverse in age groups and original country- although many are from Japan and the same area in Japan, and quite a few are kids, the majority of the cast are adults, and a few are from America (with a possible one or two from the UK). With the exception of Shoya (and Yui), all the joining characters are originally Black Swarm subordinates.

by AllianceEdit

Best friends Yamato, Tsubasa, and Shoya (and his sister Yui), with Tsubasa's uncle Dr. Sakuma, fight against the Black Swarm.

The Black Swarm consists of Dr. Gidoh the mastermind, his understudy Dr. Misaki, and the rest of the Four Generals, generals Jegard, Hydel, and Elisha. Each fighting general has subordinates; elite subordinates Gonbei and Hiroto, Hydel's subordinates Akane and Minoru, and Mistress Elisha's subordinates Raphael, Janie, and Blade.

As very minor characters, the citizens of Cimexus are represented solely by Yamato's partner K-Buto, Tsubasa's partner Y-Ite, and various beetle elders.

by Age GroupEdit

The young children characters are Yui, Minoru, and Elisha only a little older.

The older kids are Yamato, Tsubasa, Shoya, and Akane.

The older adults are Dr. Sakuma, Dr. Gidoh, Gonbei, and General Jegard.

All other characters could be anywhere between 15-40. Dr. Misaki, Hydel, Raphael, Janie, Blade, Hiroto.

by LocationEdit

Dr. Sakuma, Dr. Gidoh, Dr. Misaki, Yamato, Tsubasa, Shoya, and Yui are all from the same area, and Dr. Sakuma knows everyone.

Blade is definitely from America, and probably to contrast the three characters, Janie could be from Australia, and Raphael from Europe, though all three could be from America.

Akane and Minoru are clearly Japanese names, and are very clearly from Japan.

But Gonbei is strangely distinctly characterized by the southern US, and Hiroto is stangely distinctly characterized by being from a rich European or American family, despite their Japanese names.

It is clear that Elisha is from a very rich western family. While Hydel is a very strange name that doesn't seem to have any culture; the best guess is he may not be from America or Europe, but possibly Haiti or some other place?

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