Mosquitos and Cicada SongEdit

The mosquito in Chapter 4 uses a Cicada Song that is near-impossible to prevent. Mosquitos sometimes carry Cicada Song cards, especially in Hard Mode.

the SubordinatesEdit

The three subordinates have two Neptune Horn cards and two Bagworm Shell cards in chapter 5, and then one of each in chapter 6.

the Four GeneralsEdit

The Four Generals almost always have two Dragonfly Rage cards, and two Bagworm Shell cards.


In some chapters, Shoya has 3 (may as well be infinite) Beetle Horn cards, which can be very deadly, even with extremely high defense.

Badlands 20+Edit

Butterfly: ? Cricket Song cards.
Rhino Beetle: 2 Neptune Horn cards.
Stag Beetle: 1 Neptune Horn card.
Mantis: 1 Neptune Horn card.
Dragonfly: ? Dragonfly Rage cards.
Ladybug: 2 Mantis Touch cards.
Snail: 2 Morpho Dance cards.
Pillbug: 2 Bagworm Shell cards.
Locust: no cards.
Spider: ? Monarch Dance cards. [do all units have these? or is it specific to a few units?]

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