• JaredTodd


    July 13, 2012 by JaredTodd

    Lost the badge. 1/100.

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  • JaredTodd


    July 8, 2012 by JaredTodd

    I have nearly reached the maximum of all the badges I could get. I've made my user page, made a blog post, made comments on old blog posts which are actually like secondary blog posts piggybacked on the first, I think I've got two lucky edit badges, I have 198 category adds, 620 picture adds, and 686 edits. and I was just awarded the Dedicated badge for being a craphead and providing a few brackets on my Reminders to the Wiki Editor page to bump the day up.

    I come back to my user page, sure that no wiki user would ever stay on one minor wiki for very long, and I'm rewarded with this:

    Addicted contribute to the wiki every day for 100 days! (60/100)

    ... so... I decide, oh my god, how many more will there be? I should just... see. My god. There …

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  • JaredTodd


    July 1, 2012 by JaredTodd

    I've been playing other games lately, and I really have filled out this dang wiki a lot with a lot of info. I've been getting tired of it, but I've discovered this new thing called willpower? It actually works when you do it right, and I didn't know that! Been doing it wrong my entire life. So maybe I'll stay until this gets done. or maybe I'll just update the wording every now and then until what's already on the wiki is respectable and proper, pip pip ho! I'm not sure, but whatever happens, I will be damn proud of my efforts. I've played every part of the game over 5 times in the span of 2 months. Come on!

    By the way, not updating the wiki today wasn't actually my fault, the internet was disconnected for half the day and I almost lost my …

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  • JaredTodd

    Color Theory

    June 29, 2012 by JaredTodd

    I am a very very knowledgable color theorist. Surprise! I know that red means demonic, demonic as in knowing what you want and trying without fail to get it, orange means a challenge-taker highly-involved in their solid environment, yellow means chaos but also means energy and unrestricted excitement, green means balance and temperation, teal means empathy and calm and rational, blue means strict and logical, indigo means acute consciousness, purple means style and feminine, and burgundy is self-based where a burgundy person has a highly difficult time thinking for and with others. These are just guidelines; for example, burgundy or yellow personalities aren't terrible people, most people with burgundy personalities have incredible talents and can …

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  • JaredTodd

    Elite Drones

    June 18, 2012 by JaredTodd

    Elite Drones:
    RBeetle, Butterfly, Firefly, Ladybug, Dragonfly, Roach, Spider, Centipede, Scorpion
    elite because of equipment/unfair stats: RBeetle, Firefly, Dragonfly, Centipede, Scorpion
    elite because of cards: Butterfly, Ladybug
    elite because of evasion: Roach, Spider

    Normal Drones:
    SBeetle, Pillbug, Bee, Cicada.

    Soldier-level Drones:
    Tetra, Colony, Ant, Mosquito, Strider, Waterbug, Mantis, Locust, Moth.

    Elite Drones:
    RBeetle, Bee, Ladybug, Moth.
    elite because of their equipment/unfair stats: RBeetle, Bee, Ladybug, Moth.

    Normal Drones:
    Locust, Roach.
    normal because they are average cannon units: Locust, Roach.

    Sucky Drones:
    Butterfly, SBeetle, Firefly, Pillbug.
    sucky because of their equipment: Butterfly, SBeetle, Firefly, Pillbug.

    99% Useless Drones:

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  • JaredTodd

    To Save a World

    June 13, 2012 by JaredTodd

    Just... wow. I may upload the Chapter 25 info today, but I would have to put its No Badlands/Hard Mode on hold.

    We see the Chapter 25 . . Chapter 26 . . Chapter 27, I got 27 from a guy who said you gain all the Four Generals 4 chapters before the last stage. 23+4=7, and to be really technical, you get him on chapter 24, so its about an error margin of 26-28 if you include the variable of the bonus round too. I barely finish Chapter 25 with the two meleers alive and Dor-O at 25 HP, and I store the save file just in case I never beat the chapter again, close the emulator, open it back up, it says "Level 19 / FINAL". Well. That's... awesome.

    The final chapter is 3 decked out spiders, 4 decked out rhino beetles, 3 decked out fireflies, I think a…

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  • JaredTodd

    Will the Hard Mode start being hard again? When I creamed 3 out of 4 of the most powerful generals in the chapter where it is canon that you run away scared for your life, in the first turn they showed up, I kind of started noticing it was getting a little easier... Now, the no-levelling Hard Mode chapters aren't even difficult, I've made 3 straight chapterswithout need for a complicated strategy, the same will probably go for Chapter 18.

    The main page looks weird what with the "18e a|b ae|be" things all over it, and the chapters being white instead of red. I wish I wouldn't have made the chapters before, because it's going to be just as difficult as making the rest of the chapters without the information, and with needing to double-check all …

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  • JaredTodd


    May 21, 2012 by JaredTodd

    .... yeah, I'm never going to be able to use templates, am I? I like simple HTML, but the wiki for wiki code acts like you know everything already before you attempt something. How do you make a script? The templates act like they are scripts. and yet putting script into them does nothing. I don't know how Vlax even made a background for this wikia, I see no buttons for anything like that. I'm sure I could make show/hide buttons in simple html, but it keeps mentioning javascript, and templates, and... Man it's confusing.

    I finished the equipment page, and despite that I wasn't doing much work, I was having fun coloring the text for two days, it was simple and easy. Now I'm fighting the subordinate unit on my hard mode game and getting beaten …

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  • JaredTodd

    Wrote up this article, but I am entirely convinced that it belongs on the general wikia rather than in a blog post. If I quit doing this, it'll provide a guide of how to continue where I left off.

    It's been quite a long journey, I'm about 11 days into writing the wikia, and I'm doing a lot of work every day. So this doesn't really make me feel bad when I create incomplete information or am in between formattings. This is my first and probably only wikia I'm helping shape, and it's more or less a resource for me as I play the game. Learning how to do the various things with html is actually really fun.

    I'm halfway through the Equipment page, and that's without color formatting. Oy. I also need to copy the entire Hangar after every mission soo…

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